Submit Audio

Provide audio for initial screening, analysis and quotation

It is advisable to call us before uploading audio.

The quickest process for submitting your audio is to send a relevant section of the content to our secure server, using the link below.

Please include your Work Requirements. The form template may be found here.

Please send an original file or direct copy/clone of the audio in its original format and not a processed version.

Problems accessing audio

In some cases (for example if you cannot access the audio file and/or transfer it) you may need to mail a tape, digital file or the actual audio recorder directly to us. See "Mailing your audio".

Evaluation Process & Fees

Our first step will be to assess the content and at that point we'll have a better idea of the job requirements, estimated time to complete the work and pricing of the whole project.

Our standard charge for the assessment work is AU $132 which is payable before release of the preliminary assessment details. We can accept payment by credit card or Paypal. For urgent or weekend/public holiday jobs, Priority Fees apply.

For Police and government work, where Continuity Of Evidence and/or additional security is required, extra fees may apply.

Possible results from forensic audio treatments

The goal is to make speech in covert recordings more understandable by improving the quality of the audio so it may be used for a transcript or playback at a trial.

Improving voice quality

Recordings typically have a very poor signal to noise ratio, and speech is often masked by buzzes, high or low frequency noises and impulse noises such as pops and crackles.

Dealing with technical issues

Sometimes the recording device also introduces problems such as tape saturation, clipping, hum or distortion. This is analysed initially by trained ear (an art in itself) to isolate problems.

Digitising and filters

The audio is digitised, sampled and measured. Filters are used to enhance the audio to a point where transcription is possible and/or the target sounds can be heard more clearly.